Prancey, Cutesy, Kewpie-Doll is Gone

Steven Brill is here.

Pleads to readmit Kristin

Talkers will stay out.


Court TV CEO Steven Brill travels from New York to L.A. to urge Simpson trial judge Lance Ito to let Court TV reporter Kristin Jeanette-Meyers back in the courtroom after she was expelled for repeatedly violating the rules of decorum. Ito stuck to his guns. Jeannette-Meyers stayed out.

The “kewpie-doll” reference is from my description of Jeanette-Meyers in Anatomy of a Trial, which reads:

“Court TV’s Kristin Jeanette-Meyers swirled in the vortex of more disruptive dust devils during the trial than the rest of her colleagues combined. Most involved skirting rules that invariably resulted in courtroom ejections and finally a permanent ban.

“In a journal entry a couple of weeks before her final banishment, I described her as ‘very attractive, beguiling, innocent blue eyes, blond hair, angelic face and kind of a prancey, cutesy, kewpie-doll figure.'”



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