Fiction Based on Fiction Doesn’t = Fact

So, how many errors can you sport in the opening paragraph of a US Weekly magazine story about an upcoming TV series based on a book about the 1995 OJ Simpson criminal trial:

“If you lived through the O.J. Simpson trial, chances are you remember Kato Kaelin — the hot-headed, sarcastic witness for the prosecution, who was a guest in Simpson’s home the night Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered. ”

I call out three.

The first two are the description of Kaelin as hot-headed and sarcastic. I recall him as a bit of a flake and perhaps reveling in his moment of fame. But he didn’t strike me as neither hot-headed nor sarcastic.

The third is that Kaelin was a guest in Simpson’s home. Perhaps I being picky, but rather than being a guest in Simpson’s home, my understanding is that he lived in a guest house behind the main house in which Simpson lived.

But then, considering some of the bloated roles that have been written into the series, such as that of Kris Jenner, and the book it’s based on, I supposed such mischaracterizations are to be expected.

Hasn’t enough misperception, misrepresentation and character assassination taken place already? Sure is maddening.

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