Yellow Dresses and a Neck Brace

Defense women show.

Each prepared to testify.

The color yellow.


All the female members of Simpson’s family wore yellow dresses on the first day the defense presents its case. Here’s what I wrote in Anatomy of a Trial about that day:

“Although the defense attorneys denied again and again that they were playing the so-called race card, one day they all showed up in court wearing yellow neckties and sashes with an unusual pattern. Even Simpson’s sister, Carmelita Durio, had a strip of yellow fabric with a similar design braided into her hair. It was ‘Kunta Kinte cloth,’ they explained when asked about it and just coincidentally all happened to wear accessories with that design on the same day. Ito mused over the possibility of a sale Target must have had. It seemed to me, though, to be some sort of display of unity, which also wasn’t lost on the viewing public.”

 Bosco’s broken neck.

Careless or is he stupid?

Shallow-water dive.


In Anatomy of a Trial, I wrote, “While writing about the trial, courtroom regular[ and Blood Will Tell] author, Joe Bosco became the walking wounded—twice. He showed up at the courthouse with his arm in a sling after a donnybrook in a bar the previous night, which erupted when he supposedly was defending some female’s honor. A couple of weeks later he arrived in court sporting a neck brace, the result, he announced without a hint of embarrassment, of attending a party where he dived head first into the shallow end of a swimming pool.”

More about the book, Anatomy of a Trial, is at

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