Galbreath Shot Like A Pro

Because he was–and still is.

I’ve written about Mr. Haywood Galbreath before, both in my book Anatomy of a Trial and on this blog. In this post, Haywood Galbreath does the writing. Below is a Facebook status update he posted yesterday. I’ll thank Haywood right here for paying me perhaps the highest compliment any member of the news media has ever given me. 


Today is a very historic day for the Black Press of America reference photojournalism. 21 years ago today the honorable judge Lance Ito who was presiding over the O.J. Simpson double murder trial. I made a very controversial and courageous decision. When he agreed to give the Black Press of America a photo position inside the O.J. Simpson double murder trial. Never before in the history of America had a judge been courageous enough or believed in equality enough to make that type of decision.

On July 22, 1994 when I stepped into that courtroom on behalf of the Black Press of America history was made. I however had no idea what lay ahead for me and the Black Press of Americas for the next 15 months. And I like many who had come before me in the fight for equality for black Americans. I now understand what it’s like to be put through hell in life on earth! For standing up for what you have a right to be a part of.

Mainstream medias biggest argument (mainstream media meaning white owned news organizations) their biggest argument was that the Black Press of America did not have the skill to be able to shoot such a major and import and news event. That black photojournalist could work for them but could not because of lack of skill set beside them as an equal!

On July 22nd 1994 that myth that they created that still exist today. That myth should have been put to rest. When I standing beside their best photojournalist captured an image that they messed and thay had to call my organization representing the Black Press of America for the image!

Even though I advocated for the Black Press of America to have equal access. If not for the help of Ms.Jerrianne Hayslett and the honorable Judge Lance Ito this historic event of equal access for the Black Press of America in what became the largest media event of the 20th century never would’ve happened!

For myself and for the Black Press of America. I am eternally grateful Ms.Hayslett and Judge Ito recognized how significant it was for all parties involved to be represented equally in the area of media. Especially in the area of photojournalism because of the power of the images!

The photo below is the photo that mainstream media had to get from the Black Press of America. The same Black Press of America that they argued adamantly should not have a photo position in the courtroom because we didn’t have the skill like they did to capture the moment!
-History making photojournalist Haywood Galbreath/On behalf of the Black Press of America-

One response to “Galbreath Shot Like A Pro

  1. Too bad Mr. Galbreath didn’t come to one of the trials in Knoxville, Tennessee concerning the torture-murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. He would have found it very enlightening.

    And he could have taken photographs of the lead prosecutor, a black woman named Takisha Fitzgerald, who did an outstanding job.

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