Tom Brady is Like O.J. Simpson, How?

The Simpson trial might be old news — 20 years old, but it continues to make today’s news for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s comparing that ancient-news trial with a current court case. While most are a stretch, one of the most recent was downright ridiculous.

It was the Tom Brady “Deflategate” case.

That was a couple of weeks ago when Howard Kurtz on his Fox TV show asked another Fox personality and host of “Sports Court,” Tamara Holder, about Brady and “Deflategate.”

Holder declared that “Tom Brady is the O.J. Simpson case of our time.”

Kurtz hooted. How so, he asked. Simpson was charged with committing double murder. Brady was accused of knowing that the footballs during the American Football Conference (AFC) Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts on January 18, 2015, had been deflated enough to make them easier for him and his offensive team members to handle.

Holder said the two cases are similar because the investigations in both were botched.

Ho boy.

4 responses to “Tom Brady is Like O.J. Simpson, How?

  1. And this idiot has 10 times the animus toward Tom Brady as she has for Simpson.

  2. Interesting.

  3. Yes, and media types have attacked Brady more fiercely than they did football players (current players) who have brutally beaten women.

    The funny thing is Tom Brady is better than ever so far this season without “deflated” footballs.

  4. It certainly doesn’t seem to have affected his performance!

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