Oh, My! How Times Did Change!

Jenner and Garvey.

Sit with victims’ family.

Athletes day in court.


Former Olympian Bruce Jenner and former Dodger Steve Garvey came to court and sat in the section reserved for the victim’s families.

This was such a strange situation — Jenner, who was male back then, was married to Simpson lawyer Bob Kardashian’s ex-wife, Kris, who bore children by both men.

Here’s an excerpt from my book, Anatomy of a Trial, about that one day a week before the trial was over:

“Another day of a strange star alignment occurred less than a week before the trial ended. On September 27, Ito had given the two courtroom seats he held in reserve for his use, generally for visiting judges, his parents or other relatives, to a songwriter, David Foster, he knew and Foster’s wife. The wife had previously been married to former Olympian Jenner. And there in court that same day was Jenner with his current wife, who was the ex-wife of Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian.[i] The Jenners sat with former baseball star Garvey and his wife, who, months earlier, had been a prosecution witness.

[i].  Author’s notes, Author’s journal, September 27, 1995.

Even though Kris Jenner graced the court only one day of the trial — and that was vary late in the game — she has been made into a major character in a made-for-TV drama about the trial that’s being billed as what you never knew about the O.J. Simpson case that’s to air next year. The fiction goes on.

2 responses to “Oh, My! How Times Did Change!

  1. So Kris Jenner is claiming to have been a major player during the trial?

  2. Producers of the American Crime Story sure have been promoting her role and the actress playing her.

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