The Simpson Trial is Like What?

OMG, what isn’t being compared to the O.J. Simpson trial these days!

One Fed official just compared the current debate about raising rates to the O.J. Simpson murder trial

“Dennis Lockhart, president of the Atlanta Federal Reserve, thinks the current debate about whether the Fed should raise rates is like the O.J. Simpson trial.”

It seemed like such a stretch, I had to read the story to find out how. Turns out the folks at Business Insider , which ran this story, don’t know.

New York Times reporter wanted to know if Lockhart “means he thinks the Fed will reach the wrong verdict, which seems about as good a guess as any.”

Or maybe Lockhart was referring to how long the nearly nine-month trial lasted, given that “the debate over whether the Fed should or should not raise interest rates…has now been raging for basically the last year.”

Maybe we’ll just have to wait for the book. Simpson’s, after he was acquitted in the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her acquaintance Ronald Goldman, was If I Did it.

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