She’s Baaack! With Her Book

Dregs of the 1995 O.J. Simpson murder trial keep bubbling up more than 20 years after the verdicts in that trial. This time, it’s a book that has been published by the woman who outed the LAPD lead detective on the Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman murders case as a liar.

Mark Fuhrman had said in sworn testimony during the trial that he had never used the obscene label commonly used by bigots and racists when referring and/or addressing people of African descent.

Laura Hart McKinny, at Simpson’s defense attorneys’ behest, presented audio tapes she had recorded when she interviewed Fuhrman for her book that belied his testimony.

Her book is now available. Here, again, is the link to the Winston-Salem NC news article about her book launch:

4 responses to “She’s Baaack! With Her Book

  1. I’m re-reading “Evidence Dismissed,” by Tom Lange and Philip Vannater as told to Dan Moldea. Lange and Vanatter were the lead detectives, not Mark Fuhrman. They were from the Robbery-Homicide division which took the case over from the West LA detectives, usual procedure for a high-profile murder case.

    “Evidence Dismissed” is somewhat forgotten, but is a valuable book to read concerning the Simpson case.

    Fuhrman had a decision making role for half an hour. After that, he was a member of the detail. Fuhrman did perform well at the Rockingham house, finding blood on the Ford Bronco door handle and the glove behind Kato Kaelin’s bungalow.

    Seventeen people were at the Bundy death scene before Mark Fuhrman. None saw two gloves.

    Laura Hart McKinney and Mark Fuhrman had been in a “relationship.” McKinney was writing a fictional screenplay. What was in it had no more relevance to real life than a Dirty Harry movie screenplay. McKinney encouraged Fuhrman to say the things he did.

    Investigation revealed the things Fuhrman talked about for the fictional treatment didn’t happen in real life.

    After the trial, the Justice Department investigated Fuhrman. They found nothing incriminating.

    The rational for O.J. Simpson’s acquittal was Mark Fuhrman using the N word in the last ten years.

    A word blacks use themselves hundreds of times a day.

  2. Thank you for your observations. Interesting detail.

  3. I believe that Marcia Clark should not have called Mark Fuhrman. She could have cut him out of the case. If the defense had called him, it could have been finessed (though this is something I’m not sure Clark is capable of).

    When Vincent Bugliosi and Alan Dershowitz appeared together on the Larry King show, which I watched again recently. Dershowitz said he was shocked when Marcia Clark called Fuhrman to the stand and said something like:

    “I can guarantee you the lawyers for the plaintiffs in the wrongful death civil suit won’t call Fuhrman.”

    Dershowitz was right. Daniel Petrocelli explained in his book how they decided to keep Fuhrman out of the civil trial.

    As I wrote above, I don’t think Fuhrman did anything wrong, but for tactical reasons he had to be kept out of the case. There was so much evidence against Simpson he wasn’t needed. The result of the wrongful death trial proved it.

  4. I finished “Evidence Dismissed” a while back. It is unbelievable how much evidence Marcia Clark didn’t use. In the police interview, Simpson admitted bleeding at his house and even mentioned driving in his Bronco that night.

    At no time did Simpson talk about chipping golf balls outside. At the trial, the defense inferred Vanatter “sprinkled” Simpson’s blood on the driveway. Simpson said he bled there during his interview, WHICH MARCIA CLARK REFUSED TO USE.

    Lange and Vanatter interviewed Kris Jenner on September 7, 1994. Like all of Nicole’s “friends,” Kris claimed “Nicole told me O.J. was going to kill her.”

    This lone police interview and one appearance at the trial was Kris Jenner’s involvement. Despite this, the producer of the “Crime Story” series decided (according to IMDB) to have Kris Jenner in all 10 episodes.

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