‘Documentary Promoted With Fantasy

If  the upcoming ESPN-produced miniseries “OJ: Made in America” isn’t any more accurate than a promo piece posted on the website Hollywood Outbreak then categorizing it as a documentary is a misrepresentation.

The promo includes the assertion that “While (former Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Marcia) Clark has been involved with the media since the trial concluded in 1995, she has never really spoken about the trial and her feelings on the case until now.”

Surely, this is a jest. A mere 20 months after Clark’s prosecution of Simpson for the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and Brown’s acquaintence Ronold Goldman went down in flames with Simpson’s acquittal, Clark’s book co-produced with Teresa Carpenter in which she went into detail about her take on that trial.

She’s also done numerous print and broadcast/cable interviews and is represented as a public speaker by Hachette Speakers Bureau.


9 responses to “‘Documentary Promoted With Fantasy

  1. It seems the people making these “documentaries-miniseries” or whatever they are distinguished by their ignorance of the subject.

  2. It’s important to never let facts get in the way of revisionist history…

    The upcoming series on FX is based on Jeff Toobin’s book “The Run of His Life,” in that book Toobin [inaccurately] states that OJ was essentially illiterate and not at all active in his own defense. It will be really troubling if the folks behind the FX show portray OJ in this manner.

    • That’s not all he got wrong.

      • You’re absolutely right. I recently re-read Toobin’s book and what I found most troubling is Toobin’s thinly veiled racism.

        Jerrianne I cannot imagine the “fun” it must have been dealing with Dunne & Toobin for almost a year…

        By the way, thank you for including in your excellent book the only fact-based explanation as to why the trial was held downtown and sharing the demographic statistics of both Santa Monica & downtown. (I imagine the only drawback to your honest, factual book is the media are scared to have you on as you destroy their myths that have been pushed as fact for 20 years).

    • chitownfumble,

      From what I’ve read the Fox program is going to play down the fact that the evidence against Simpson was simply overwhelming. And that Simpson got away with two brutal murders.

      Toobin, by the way, was emphatic that Simpson was guilty in his book.

      • Yes; I’ve read Toobin’s book and noted serious discrepancies between Jeff’s version of the trial and facts in evidence, testimony and other truths.

        I don’t care what the author’s opinion of the case is, I do care that the facts are presented accurately. The reason Jerrianne’s book “Anatomy of a Trial” should be required reading is that she presents (and documents) actual facts and debunks many myths about the case reported by folks like Toobin & Dunne.

  3. You’re welcome. I appreciate your perspective. Being factual and accurate was my objective in “Anatomy”. Dealing with members of the media, including authors, was part of an interesting, challenging and, at times, fascinating job.

  4. The producers are patting themselves on the back because the Kardashian kids are in “only”four scenes.

    They don’t say how many their mother, Kris Jenner, is in. According to IMDB, she’s in every episode.

    Toobin wrote in his book that one reason Robert Kardashian clung to Simpson to the end of the trial was jealousy over his ex-wife and her Olympic Gold Medal-winning new husband constantly being in TV infomercials. Kardashian liked being on TV constantly, figuring he was one-upping his former wife and Bruce Jenner.

  5. chitown fumble,

    The only “myth” about the case is that there was any doubt about Simpson’s guilt.

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