Kardashian-Jenner Ex a One-Time Show

I’m trying to square this as reported in People magazine:

Kris Jenner still recalls sitting in the courtroom during the trial of O.J. Simpson, hanging on every word, still grieving the loss of her best friend, Nicole Brown Simpson.”

According to my records and memory, Kris Jenner made it into the courtroom a grand total of once, and that was Sept. 27, 1995, a full 15 months after Nicole Brown was murdered and more than nine months after the trial’s opening statements.

That’s right, more than nine months after the trial’s opening statements. That means, while she was indeed pregnant–very pregnant according to my memory of her that day–as the People piece points out, she became so after the trial began. That should be neither here nor there, except that almost every mention of her in connection with the trial includes a reference to her being pregnant.

What merits noting is that she was not a frequent courtroom attendee. Here’s my account in Anatomy of a Trial of the only day in my records that Kris and her husband at that time, Bruce Jenner, came to the Simpson trial:

“Another day of a strange star alignment occurred less than a week before the trial ended. On September 27, Ito had given the two courtroom seats he held in reserve for his use, generally for visiting judges, his parents or other relatives, to a songwriter, David Foster, he knew and Foster’s wife. The wife had previously been married to former Olympian Jenner. And there in court that same day was Jenner with his current wife, who was the ex-wife of Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian.[i] The Jenners sat with former baseball star Garvey and his wife, who, months earlier, had been a prosecution witness.

            “While the media didn’t miss a chance to report on celebrity comings and goings, their accounts were silent on the non-stars he met with, often sacrificing lunch or a couple minutes of down time to do so.”

[i].  Author’s notes, Author’s journal, September 27, 1995.

5 responses to “Kardashian-Jenner Ex a One-Time Show

  1. From the People magazine piece, Kris Jenner now claims to have been “present at the trial as often as she could be.” She was supposedly “sitting next to Nicole’s family.”

  2. Thanks so much for your continuing efforts to reveal the truth about this case.

    I expect you will be rather busy in the coming months, with the upcoming (and rather truth-challenged it would appear) television exploration of this infamous trial. Or at least, I’m looking forward to more of your honest records to set things straight. Truth matters, or at least it should

    • You’re welcome, and thank you. I’m not looking forward to watching the upcoming fantasy, but I hate even more seeing/hearing/reading the misrepresentations and hope to be able to continue trying to counter them. Problem is my audience is minuscule.

  3. Today I bought a copy of People magazine current issue. The piece on the trial is a six page spread of the usual People magazine fluff. A box in the cover’s ;lower right hand corner has a photo of Kris Jenner captioned “Exclusive: Nicole’s friend Kris Jenner reveals what she knew.”

    The answer? Nothing.

  4. Why does the news media continue to present blatant lies by Jenner/Kardashian & Toobin as if they are true?

    It’s astonishing how much Kris’ story has evolved into lies and that although there’s indisputable evidence of what she said in 1995, that’s ignored and her current farce is presented as truth. Here she is in 1995: http://abcnews.go.com/US/video/sept-28-1995-kris-bruce-jenner-react-oj-33927855

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