Kris Jenner’s 9-27 OJS Trial Photo Finish

Photojournalist Haywood Galbreath, the only photographer  who shot pictures in Judge Lance Ito’s courtroom every day of the O.J. Simpson trial, saw a previous blog post in which I wrote that the only day I knew of that Kris Jenner attended the OJ Simpson trial in person was Sept. 27, 1995, less than a week before the trial ended in not guilty verdicts. Here’s the photo Galbreath took that day, Sept. 27, 1995, of Kris Jenner, her then-husband Bruce Jenner on her right, and to her left Steve Garvey’s wife and Steve Garvey.

Kris & Bruce Jenner at OJS trial 9.27.1995MPJI/HGSTAR1 NEWSPHOTO

Galbreath says he took took pictures of people (who thought they were somebody) who showed up in the courtroom.

8 responses to “Kris Jenner’s 9-27 OJS Trial Photo Finish

  1. A few days ago, USA Today had this headline: “O,J, Simpson series recalls tragic days for Kardashians, Goldmans, Browns.”

    Look who was placed first in the headline.

    By the way, I read in either Newsweek or Time in their post-verdict issue that the foursome of Bruce and Kris Jenner and the Garveys showed up on verdict day but couldn’t get in the courtroom. They were in the District Attorney’s section of the building and watched it on TV.

    When the verdict was read, Bruce Jenner looked at the screen and said over and over, “You got away with murder. You got away with murder.”

  2. They very well might have been in the D.A. offices on the 18th floor — on several floors above the ninth-floor courtroom. I wouldn’t know, though. My hands were more than full in the courtroom, Ito’s and the criminal courts supervising judges’ chambers and the twelfth-floor media center.

  3. There’s a piece in the New Yorker today which observes Toobin treated Robert Kardashian in his book (accurately IMO) as a “sycophantic dope,” while in the FX series Kardashian is a “near hero” with strong Christian values.

  4. I can’t attest to Kardashian’s intellectual acumen or his toadyness, but I believe he was seriously conflicted. While I saw attorneys for both sides every day, I confined my interaction with them to only what was necessary to perform my duties. Also, my seat was in the back of the courtroom, so I seldom saw attorneys’ facial expressions or gestures until I watched TV footage later. That was the case on verdict day. It was only when I saw TV footage of Simpson and his defense team when the court clerk read the verdicts that I realized Kardashian probably knew his client was guilty.

  5. Haywood Galbreath

    I have an entirely different opinion reference Kardashian’s reaction of the not guilty verdict. I believe Kardashian was working only major book deal for himself if O.J. had been found guilty. And the not guilty verdict messed it up. I base this opinion on what I saw all Kardashian do during the trail reference passing information on to someone who wrote a book about O.J.. I also base it on the fact Kardashian along with another individual screwed me out of about $150,000 from the not guilty verdict. Kardashian may have been O.J.’s friend, but money becomes a bigger friend to a lot of individuals!

    • Interesting. You, no doubt, have many stories from that trial.

    • Mr Galbreath, thanks to Jerrianne’s phenomenal book I’ve become a great admirer of you & your work.

      Carl Douglas has shared that when he realized the amount of time between the jurors requesting the verdict forms and when they buzzed indicating they had reached a verdict that they determined it would be impossible for the jury to complete all the sections that needed to be filled if their verdict was guilty and therefore they knew on Monday afternoon that it had to be an acquittal . That evening Kardashian had made the arrangements to transport Simpson home on Tuesday following his release after the reading of the verdict.

      With this knowledge, should we put any weight on the reactions?

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