Why Seussesque Simpson Parody Wasn’t

Somehow Seuss vs. Simpson (or a Seussesque parody of the Simpson case) got by me. This headline caught my eye the other day, though.

Here is a sampling of a Seussish couplet:

When you’re accused of a killing scheme

You need to build a real Dream Team.

So, just what the news was in this story by writer Steve Brachmann published yesterday in Practicing Law Institute’s IPWatchdog remained a mystery to me, until the light dawned. This is just one more (fill in the number) anniversary of something Simpson-trial related.

Hint: in Seuss vs. (a stretch) Simpson, the defendant lost.



4 responses to “Why Seussesque Simpson Parody Wasn’t

  1. Judge Lance Ito

    Don’t get me started on Theodor Geisler…aka Dr. Seuss


  2. Thanks for uploading this. I have been viewing your blog for some time and it always brings me back!

    I’m a long time subscriber, however I have never been compelled to leave a comment
    before. Thanks so much for the cool post.

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