Is OJS Headed from Frying Pan into Another Fire?



O.J. Simpson has a parole hearing in July and if he is granted parole he could be released as early as October.

If he’s granted parole, how long before he’s back in hot water again?

3 responses to “Is OJS Headed from Frying Pan into Another Fire?

  1. I think he will be paroled. O.J. Simpson is the kind of inmate who usually gets paroled-age 70, no bad acts in prison presumably.

    Someone I saw on TV, Dan Abrams I think, said the offense Simpson is in for would usually mean about nine months.

    On the other hand, if Simpson had been a nobody who killed two people in the 1994 scenario with the same overwhelming evidence, he would have pleaded guilty and received (at best) Life With the Possibility of Parole.

  2. No doubt. I just wonder if he’ll be able to stay out of hot water once he is out.

  3. To me, one of the keys to this whole mess was the January 1, 1989 incident. Nicole called the police while being beaten. This 911 call is scarier than the October 1993 one.

    O.J. took off and hid for a while at a friend’s place. Nicole then refused to press charges and even called Hertz and others telling them “it was nothing. Just an argument.” All O.J. got was “counseling” and organizing a “benefit.” It was on a back page of the LA Times.

    Had Simpson been dealt with properly and Nicole and her idiot parents been willing to get off the gravy train O.J. Simpson provided, we wouldn’t have had to wallow in this mess for two decades now.

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