My Interest in the OJS ‘Pop-Up’ Museum

I suppose it was bound to happen. A museum of Simpson artifacts.

It’s coming to a city not near most Americans — Los Angeles. Chinatown, to be more specific. It will also be short-lived — only five days. August 18-22, to be specific.

Since I now live 2,000 miles away from L.A., it’s not likely I’ll be checking it out  If I did still live in L.A., my main interest in dropping by would be to see who was dropping by. My guess is I would renew a number of old acquaintances.

One thing I’m pretty sure of, the museum exhibits won’t include some of the trial memorabilia that came my way.

Oh, and one more thing I’m interested in seeing. A pop-up museum. That’s a new one for me.

3 responses to “My Interest in the OJS ‘Pop-Up’ Museum

  1. There is no end to this The gift that keeps on giving

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  2. The last few days its been remarked upon that the Nevada parole board didn’t consider Simpson’s 1989 conviction for Misdemeanor Battery, or Spousal Battery. A statement said they “didn’t know about it.”

    Well, it came up (though not much noticed even there) in the so-called Trial of the Century. Simpson pleaded No Contest in 1989, which by California law made him a convicted batterer.

    Now what to me, is the main takeaway from this? One, Hertz CEO Frank Olson kept Simpson on the Hertz payroll. Two, NBC signed Simpson to a lucrative new contract in 1989.

    Athletes have lost endorsements for much less. With O.J. Simpson, it might as well have never happened.

    In his book, Daniel Petrocelli told of interviewing Frank Olson about this and Olson believed what Simpson told him and “Nicole supported him.”

    Olson told Petrocelli, “If I had any idea at the time that this was the circumstance that it was, O.J. Simpson would never have worked another day for Hertz.”

  3. How could they not know about it. Didn’t they request/read his California record? Or maybe one of the parole board member’s pro football necktie is the best explainer.

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