He’s Out

My interest in Simpson’s release from prison is whether he’s “corrected” — prison is a “correctional institution, right?”

Or is he still so needy for attention and the spotlight that his bad judgment button will remain unset.

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4 responses to “He’s Out

  1. I just watched the CBS 48 Hours program. Mostly same old, same old from several black talking heads–“Blacks in conflict with police and are helpless victims of the evil justice system.” And the idea that “O.J. was entitled to get away with murdering two white people because, well, just because.”

    The Rodney King video is run again. Current footage of NFL players disrespecting the national anthem and flag are shown. Scenes of gloating over the acquittal.

    Have the people who put these shows together never heard of the word “Context?” Nothing about the numerous black criminal gangs in Los Angeles. Nothing about the high black crime rate. Nothing about the innumerable black on black murders, to say nothing of a good number of black on white murders.

    Nothing about numerous black serial killers operating in LA County for decades. One raped and murdered elderly white women for decades and wasn’t caught until a DNA hit in 2009. The so-called Grim Sleeper killed black women in South Central for a 20 year period, being finally convicted in 2016.

    A big reason for these killers getting away with it so long was the quasi-official line “All serial killers are white males.” An absolute lie put forward by a
    FBI “profiler.”

    Taking these factors into account gives a more complete picture.

    These shows never compare the Simpson trial with other black on white murder trials. As a trial junkie, I can tell you black jurors usually vote guilty when the evidence clearly shows it. Also, most murder defendants (black or white) are unsympathetic figures.

    O.J. Simpson was very different from the typical murder suspect for many reasons.

  2. Thanks. I think I’m glad I missed it.

  3. I apologize if I came on too strong, but I’m tired of the same rationalizations in every one of these shows. CBS and their talking heads have learned nothing. They could have put the same show on 20 years ago.

    And it never has been “America” being obsessed with this story. It was the Mainstream Media who seized on it and force fed it.

    Yes, you didn’t miss anything.

    Thanks for letting me have my say.

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