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Rosa’s Out: “I Can’t Remember”

Who saw the Bronco?

Did Rosa, walking the dog?

She can’t remember.


Once Rosa Lopez did testify, it turned out not to be particularly helpful to either side.

O.J. Pal — and Bronco Driver — A.J. Was Mum?

My People vs. O.J. Simpson on this date 20 years ago:

Cowlings subpoenaed.

Tells the Grand Jury nothing.

Friends in need, indeed.


A.J. Cowlings drove the white Bronco, with Simpson as a passenger, on the infamous slow-speed chase on the freeways of L.A., as shown in this AP photo:

Here’s the headline and a link to the NBC news account:

O.J. Simpson’s Bronco Chase: ‘Theater of the Absurd’