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Two Sisters 20 Years Later

The 20th anniversary of everything O.J. Simpson murder trial is over, but some memories — and some who were part of lots of other peoples’ memories — are still making the news.

Enter Kim Goldman, sister of one of the Simpson-trial murder victims, Ronald Goldman. Kim is on a book tour, promoting her “Media Circus: A Look at Private Tragedy in the Public Eye.” Media Circus: A Look at Private Tragedy in the Public EyeThe book is a collection interviews with survivors of violent crimes who were the focus of media attention.

She was interviewed herself by Mike Dow for The Maine Edge/Buzz   in an article titled, “Kim Goldman 20 years after the Simpson verdict.

This isn’t the first book Kim has published since that infamous trial in 1995. She has also written, Can’t Forgive: My 20-Year Battle with O.J. Simpson and with other members of the Goldman family His Name is Ron: Our Search for Justice and I Did It: Confessions of the Killer.

More interesting, at least to me, is how some people whose lives were upended in a most tragic and unbelievable way by the June 17, 1994, murders of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown for which Brown’s ex-husband, O.J. Simpson, stood trial, have managed since Simpson’s Oct. 3, 1995, acquittal.

Kim has been on a quest to out Simpson as the killer and the 1995 trial verdict wrong.

Nicole Brown’s sister, Denise, has been busy, too. Her energies have gone toAbout Nicole Box creating a foundation to honor Nicole and to advocate against domestic violence.

It’s hard to imagine the anguish the Brown and Goldman families have gone through.


What Goes Around, Stays Around?

Charges and allegations of assault and violence dogged O.J. Simpson before his ex-wife Nicole Brown’s throat was slashed in 1994, and one of myriad issues raised in connection with her murder and his trial.

I heard a report last night saying that the rate of NFL players assaulting their “loved ones” is about the same rate as it is for males in the general U.S. population. This article contains a stat that could be seen as disputing the one I heard last night:

“In all, domestic violence accounts for 48 percent of the league’s violent crime arrests, compared to just 21 percent among average American males, according to an analysis by Five Thirty Eight.”

Go figure.


Zimmerman’s Arrest Proves Only One Thing

Here we go again.

Countless cases have been compared the 1995 Simpson criminal trial over the past 18-19 years, including that of another two-bit ‘star’ accused of killing his wife that a veteran high-profile-trial news reporter predicted would be as big as Simpson.

Now comes Fox News Latino’s Rick Sanchez’s George Zimmerman, OJ Simpson And The Art Of Getting Away With Things.

“It’s like reliving the OJ Simpson saga all over again. I’ve always believed that George Zimmerman and Simpson had much in common, but it became crystal clear this week when I heard his girlfriend tell 911 operators that ‘he knows how to do it, he knows how to play the game.’,” Sanchez espouses.

Really! Knowing “how to play the game” is about all those two narcissistic bullies do have in common. OK, that, plus both being narcissistic bullies and neither being able to stay out of trouble.

What else? None of the captivating elements that landed Simpson in the top 10 of the Trial of the Century — sports hero, beautiful people, money, celebrity, sex — rub off on Zimmerman in any way. Although the 21st Century is young, racism,  violence against women and controversial verdict, while certainly Page 1 newsworthy,  won’t by themselves or even together elevate  Zimmerman to  even the top 100 list.

The only thing Zimmerman’s most recent arrest proves is that, like so many gun nuts, without one, Zimmerman is a nobody.