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“Made in America” Edelman Examines Simpson, Trump, Celebrity, Country

The insights documentarian Ezra Edelman reveals in these two articles are so thought provoking, nothing I say can do them justice. Fascinating reading.

OJ: Made In America’s Ezra Edelman interview: ‘It’s a deeper portrait of a country’

‘The director of the Oscar-winning documentary talks about the the scourge of celebrity and the similarities between the rise of O.J. Simpson and Donald Trump” 


Oscar-winning director of OJ: Made in America says Donald Trump is a lot like OJ Simpson





Petrocelli a “Hollywood Lawyer”?

According to this Hollywood Reporter headline, he is.

Without making a political statement or moral judgment about his choice of clients, such as Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling,Daniel Petrocelli is one of the best lawyers I’ve seen in action or dealt with behind the scenes. I saw him almost every day during the 1997 O.J. Simpson civil trial in Santa Monica, in which Petrocelli represented the parents of Ronald Goldman in a wrongful death lawsuit against Simpson. No matter who he interacted with his demeanor was invariably pleasant. He exuded confidence and integrity, yet appeared to be always tenacious and focused. And, of course, he prevailed. Whether or not Simpson murdered Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson, I wasn’t unhappy Petrocelli won his case (Simpson was ordered to pay Goldman’s parents $33.5 million), primarily because he was so likable and put on an excellent case.

So here Petrocelli is representing Donald Trump against plaintiffs who claim they were defrauded by Trump’s Trump University.

He appears to be an agnostic, when it comes to representing his clients. “My goal is simply to advocate a client’s cause,” he is quoted as saying in this article. “He didn’t hire me for my political views. He hired me for my legal skills.”

We’ll see if Trump gets his $1,200-an-hour (Petrocelli’s fee) worth.