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2 Days Not So Quick After All

Cross examine Lee,

Prosecution should be quick.

It is a long day.


The prosecutors indicated that their cross examination of defense witness, forensic scientist and blood-spatter expert Dr. Henry Lee, wouldn’t take long. But they were wrong. The same was true the next day when the Court held a hearing on whether or not Simpson’s defense team could enter Mark Fuhrman’s racist remarks taped by videographer Laura McKinny.

402 hearing.

Will the racial slurs get in?

Another long day.


Simpson Didn’t Act Alone? Or Maybe Not at All?

Dr. Lee cast doubt.

A second set of footprints

Trod on Ronald’s jeans?


Forensic scientist and defense witness, Henry Lee, suggested that markings on Ron Goldman’s jeans might have been made by footprints from a second attacker in the crime.