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And the Verdict is…

As everyone who watches TV probably knows by now, the Nevada parole board who heard O.J. Simpson’s plea today to be released on parole.

So I supposed I should blog about that.


Oh, snap, I missed Fox coverage with Mark Fuhrman’s analysis.

Is anyone surprised the Nevada board granted Simpson’s parole request?

A number of people with the news media who were involved with coverage of Simpsons’ trial expressed disgust and ill wishes for Simpson at the parole board’s decision.

A Wisconsin television news reporter did interview me today about the board’s decision. I had hoped to have a link to the interview to post on this blug, but the station has not yet sent me the link as it said it would do.

Perhaps I can post it tomorrow.


Fox Calling the Henhouse What?

I have to question one screaming, supercilious news organizations accusing other news organizations of turning anything, including a trial of significant public interest — or otherwise — into a “soap opera.”

But that apparently is what Fox News has done.

Fox News Savages Media For Turning Zimmerman Trial Into ‘Soap Opera’: They Want ‘Another OJ Simpson’  http://www.mediaite.com/tv/fox-news-savages-media-for-turning-zimmerman-trial-into-soap-opera-they-want-another-oj-simpson/

I wonder how many Fox staff, stringers, bloviators, opinionators, etc., are covering this trial, and how many reports, blog posts, opinion pieces,  freelanced items and social media updates and comments Fox has published/aired.



Fuhrman in the Fox House

“A good fit,” is the first thought I had when I saw this story.

Fox Invites Race-Baiting Contributor Mark Fuhrman To Discuss Trayvon Martin Killing


It was surprising how this demonized police officer, convicted of committing felony perjury on the witness stand in a 1995 O.J. Simpson trial court proceeding, landed on his feet and eventually rehabilitated his reputation.

Where he chose for the initial phase of rehab, Sandpoint, Idaho, was a good fit, too, so far as I was concerned.

He launched a radio talk program and wrote books, both endeavors aimed at getting his side of the story out.

The topic of his most recent Fox appearance was  the role of race in jury selection for George Zimmerman’s second-degree murder trial. I don’t know about his expertise on race in jury selection, but I’m sure he’s intimate with the role of race in a witness’s background jumping up and biting him in the hinderparts.