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Sensationalizing Kardashian Name? Really?

This says a lot:

Khloe Kardashian Reacts to The People v. O.J. Simpson: “They’re Kind of Sensationalizing the Kardashian Name In It”

”They’re kind of sensationalizing the Kardashian name in it, but I think to bring the younger audience in. I’m not upset about it, but there was some scene of the kids chanting ‘Kardashian’ when my dad was reading the potential suicide note. I even called Kim, because I was 10. I’m like, ‘Did that happen? I don’t remember any of this happening? She goes, ‘Absolutely not did that happen!'”‘

20 Years Later: The Afterglow

Here it is 20 years since the 1995 O.J. Simpson trial and all kinds of previously undisclosed news is just now making headlines.

O.J. Simpson nearly committed suicide in Kim Kardashian’s bedroom at her dad’s house.

Kris Kardashian Jenner is finally expressing public remorse about not speaking up when she got the feeling her BFF Simpson ex-wife and eventual murder victim, Nicole Brown, thought her life was in danger. Some best friend. (BTW, interesting that when the Simpson case erupted, Faye Resnick claimed — as she promoted her hastily penned book — that SHE  was Nicole’s best friend.)

Author Lawrence Schiller, who hasn’t been seen or heard from since his book  American Tragedy: The Uncensored Story of the OJ Simpson Defense came out shortly after the trial, is talking about what would have been Simpson’s last words, had he, indeed, killed himself in Kim’s bedroom.

So why is all this coming out now? Oh, yeah. The 20-year anniversary of the Simpson trial and the irresistible spotlight.

No OJ Independence on ’95 Independence Day

Independence Day.

Court’s on a holiday.

Second 4th in jail.


So, Kim, if Simpson was in custody in the Los Angeles County Jail from the day he was arrested on June 17, 1994, until the jury acquitted him on Oct. 3, 1995, as you claimed in your recent Rolling Stone story, your memory of him meeting with your dad, Bob Shapiro, Johnnie Cochran and other members of the Simpson “Dream Team” at your house during the trial is a false memory.

Kimmie’s Memory Must be a Dream

Anyone believing this story has to be about as big a double boob as the current queen of t&a.

“For members of a different generation, the name Kardashian invokes a different kind of infamy  — the O.J. Simpson trial, where Robert Kardashian served as O.J.’s defense attorney.

Amidst details about Caitlyn Jenner and her sex tape, Kim Kardashian shared a wild story about O.J. in her new Rolling Stone cover story, claiming he moved into Robert Kardashian’s compound and stayed in Khloe’s room while his trial was going on.”

Why can’t this tale be true? Simpson was in custody and housed in the Los Angeles County jail for the duration of his trial. He was jailed after being arrested on June 17, 1994 and wasn’t released until  Oct. 3, 1995, the day the jury’s acquittal was announced in court.

Kim K., who was 13 at the time of the trial, must have had a dream she thinks came true.

Very Strange Odd Couples

The headline, Faye Resnick Parties at Kris Jenner’s 59th Birthday Party!, which popped up in the news a day or two ago, sparked a throwback moment for me.

The day was Sept. 27, 1995. As described on page 67 of Anatomy of a Trial: Public Lost, Lessons Learned from The People vs. O.J. Simpson:

“Another day of a strange star alignment occurred less than a week before the trial ended. On September 27, [Judge Lance] Ito had given the two courtroom seats he held in reserve for his use, generally for visiting judges, his parents, or other relatives, to songwriter David Foster, whom he knew, and Foster’s wife. The wife had previously been married to former Olympian [Bruce] Jenner. And there in the court that same day was Jenner with his current [extremely pregnant with Kendall] wife [Kris], who was the ex-wife of Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian. [Yes, THAT Kris Kardashian.] The Jenners sat with former baseball star [Steve] Garvey and his wife, who, months earlier, had been a prosecution witness.”

The most surprising and totally inexplicable after glow of that trial and Kardashian-name ride was the meteoric rise of the Kardashian girls and brand.  Granted, Kim, was only 14 — about to turn 15 — when the Simpson verdicts came in and the trial ended, but I’ve often wondered what, if any, the name recognition her dad achieved, thanks to his role in the Simpson case, had to do with the fame his ex and progeny gained nearly two decades later.

Kim Was 13, For Crying Out Loud

I’ve been laughing at headlines like this all week.

O.J. Simpson Is Obsessed With Kim Kardashian

When Robert Kardashian was one of Simpson’s defense lawyers during his 1994-95 murder trial, Bob’s daughter, Kim, was 13.

What’s with this guy, anyway?

Oh, What a Relief it is

Although I am a strong advocate for cameras in trial-court courtrooms, this report gladdened my heart.

Kim Gets Her Wish! Judge Rules No Cameras Allowed In Kardashian Divorce Trial Courtroom

Posted on Apr 15, 2013 @ 8:41AM | By 

Kim Kardashian got her wish.

[Los Angeles Superior Court] Judge Scott Gordon has denied a motion to allow cameras in the courtroom for Kim and Kris Humphries divorce trial, RadarOnline.com is reporting exclusively.”

This does mean a greater reliance on and responsibility of  whatever news media report on the trial, particularly regarding the serious aspects such as whether or not celebrity Kardashian did, indeed, defraud pro basketball star Humphries.

Sounds like a divorce made for TV, though. Maybe somebody will produce it as a reality TV show.

A Case for Televising Kardashian Trial

I agree with “The Legal Reformer” on this:

Cameras in the Courtroom!

“Transparency and accountability – two essential outcomes that are attainable if every courtroom across the country had cameras.  Filming court proceedings, including the judges presiding and the lawyers arguing, and posting the videos online would reveal each judge’s and many lawyers’ behavior and competence. Legal consumers could go online and view potential lawyers in action, see how their judge treats litigants, observe any biases, and so much more.”


Perhaps if the judge who was unkind and grumbled when the prospective juror I wrote about in yesterday’s post knew a camera was recording his conduct, he might treat jurors and prospective jurors who are performing their civic duty with more respect.

One exception to universal courtroom-camera coverage might be Kim Kardashian’s divorce trial. Why give her any more attention, already. Oh, she DOESN’T want cameras there? Because, according to Perez Hilton http://perezhilton.com/2013-04-15-kim-kardashian-no-cameras-kris-humphries-divorce-trial#.UWy8c7U3src, she doesn’t want her dirty — and perhaps fraudulent — laundry aired on TV. That might be a good reason to allow camera coverage.