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“Argo” Essay on Public Radio

Wow! A blurb about my Iranian-experience essay tops the WUWM website news page today.
Essay: An ‘Argo’ Flashback
With ‘Argo’ poised to win Oscars, an essayist recounts her own Argo-like story.”
The essay airs today and again tomorrow at 3 p.m. on WUWM (89.7 FM and streamed on the radio station’s website — click on “Listen”) http://www.wuwm.com/

My time in, and evacuation from, Iran was a catalyst to my career in journalism and eventually writing my book “Anatomy of a Trial”. (See previous “Great Leap” blog post.)


The Great Leap from Iran to O.J. Simpson

I wrote an essay about a former life — an Air Force wife with my family in Tehran, Iran, in 1978-79.

The essay was about memories the movie “Argo” evoked of our being in that country in the early stages of the Islamic Revolution and being evacuated with little more than the clothes we wore.

The essay is scheduled to air on Milwaukee’s public radio station, WUWM 89-7 FM, Saturday, Feb. 23, at 3 p.m. and again the next day– Sunday, Feb. 24– at the same time, on the station’s “Lake Effect” program. It will also be streamed online at www.wuwm.com (click on the red “Listen” button).

That experience triggered an epiphany that led me into the world of journalism in which I worked as a newspaper reporter and editor for more than 12 years before segueing to Los Angeles Superior Court when I spent another decade as court information officer and media liaison.

Those years were replete with high-profile trials, the first, the Rodney King-beating trial, opening two months after I joined the court. That was followed by the Menendez brothers I & II (the first ending in hung juries), Heidi Fleiss, O.J.Simpson and many more not quite as notorious.

Who would have ever thought that being evacuated from revolution-ruptured Iran would have led to me writing a book about the impact media coverage of a has-been star athlete’s trial on murder charges! Maybe I’ll come up with an essay about that.

Remembering Rodney King

Anatomy of a Trial got mentioned in the credits of my essay yesterday about my encounters with Rodney King. Yay!

The Rodney King-beating trial was my first lollapalooza of a trial. It started a bare three months after I joined the Los Angeles Superior Court in 1991 and predated the O.J. Simpson trial by three years.

My first ‘encounter’ with Rodney King, though, was nearly a year before his case hit the courtroom.

My recent essay aired on “Lake Effect” on Milwaukee’s public radio station, WUWM 89.7 FM and is archived at


Give a listen! Thanks.