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Would Recusal Have Derailed the Trial?

Ito’s wife’s a cop.

The tapes are disparaging.

Is recusal next?


Fuhrman’s disparaging comments about Ito’s wife, LAPD Capt. Margaret York, on the McKinney tapes prompt speculation that Ito might have to recuse himself. That would have meant having to start the whole trial over again with a new judge, which in itself might have been why the lawyers on both sides opted not to have him recused. I think by this time everyone was exhausted and both sides thought they had a good chance of getting they verdict they wanted.

No Conflict in Fuhrman Probe — Yet

A racist and sexist?

Fuhrman probe was conducted

Not by Capt. York.


LAPD Captain Margaret York is Judge Ito’s wife. but since she was not involved in the internal investigation into racism and sexism allegations against LAPD Detective Mark Fuhram, who was the lead detective in the Simpson case, no conflict of interest was seen. This, however, was not the last of such charges leveled at Fuhrman, as least so far as racism allegations is concerned. And the conflict wasn’t with LAPD.