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‘People vs. OJS’ Flies into Fantasyland

I’m a few days behind in posting about the miniseries segment Tuesday because I was out of town and didn’t watch it until last night. There was so much that was sheer fantasy I’m going to take only one thing at a time.

The greatest flight of fancy was the courtroom scene in which Deputy District Attorney Bill Hodgman collapsed, supposedly because of a a heart attack, and being hauled out by paramedics.

Everyone who was in the courtroom during that trial knows such a thing never happened.

While it is true that Hodgman had a medical issue in the early stage of the trial that resulted in a brief hospitalization and that he was replaced as Marcia Clark’s co-counsel in prosecuting the state’s case, he presented no manifestation of that condition at any time while court was in session.

Even if such an event as Hodgman or anyone else collapsing in the courtroom and paramedics being called in had occurred, it is ludicrous to think that the judge wouldn’t have immediately cleared the courtroom until the person with the medical problem had been tended to and removed.

The tragedy is that viewers of this drama believe what they are seeing is fact. Taking dramatic license just doesn’t cut it and does terrible damage to people’s reputations and historical record.

Next, Dominick Dunne’s fantasy meeting in Ito’s chambers.