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She’s Baaack! With Her Book

Dregs of the 1995 O.J. Simpson murder trial keep bubbling up more than 20 years after the verdicts in that trial. This time, it’s a book that has been published by the woman who outed the LAPD lead detective on the Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman murders case as a liar.

Mark Fuhrman had said in sworn testimony during the trial that he had never used the obscene label commonly used by bigots and racists when referring and/or addressing people of African descent.

Laura Hart McKinny, at Simpson’s defense attorneys’ behest, presented audio tapes she had recorded when she interviewed Fuhrman for her book that belied his testimony.

Her book is now available. Here, again, is the link to the Winston-Salem NC news article about her book launch:  http://www.journalnow.com/news/local/laura-hart-mckinny-launches-book-police-diversity-discussion/article_df3e2cb0-15a8-5e28-8627-4f78a804760c.html

Juror Goes Football-less, Dream Team Disgruntled

The first thing in that headline has nothing to do with the second. They just cover both haiku in this post.

Football and guy stuff,

Jurors go shopping all day.

One is outnumbered.


Juror 247, one of only three male jurors and alternate jurors, complains that instead of being able to watch football games, the female-dominated jury is always going to the mall

 Defense is outraged.

Only two slurs allowed in.

What’s this trial about?


I don’t know the number of racial slurs that Mark Fuhrman uttered in his interviews that videographer Laura McKinny recorded with him, but Simpson’s dream team was unhappy that the judge allowed the defense to enter only two as evidence in the trial.