L.A. County Bar hosts ‘Lessons Learned’ program

Glory be! The Los Angeles County Bar Association Criminal Justice Section is presenting a panel discussion on May 19 on “The First O. J. Simpson Trial – Its Impact on Law and Our Courts During the Last Fifteen Years.” And guess who’s not going to be there. I learned about this event from a friend a couple of days ago. Despite my many attempts, beginning in October, to get on the Bar’s radar about Anatomy of a Trial and my availability to participate in any upcoming programs, the organizers didn’t know about either the book or my availability. But, after learning about Anatomy on Friday, they said if I could get informational material to them, they would distribute it to the attendees. So that was my morning yesterday (Saturday). Developed a flier (I have done others, but wanted to target the audience, so created a new one) and emailed it to the contact person. I also put a bunch of Anatomy bookmarks in the mail to my friend, AP reporter Linda Deutsch who covered the entire 1995 trial and was added to the panel almost as an after thought, to also give to attendees.

So, while I would love to have been able to participate, at least getting the book mentioned is a good thing. Interestingly, California Lawyer notified me just a few days ago that a review of Anatomy will run in an upcoming issue.

On the LACBA panel, Linda will be joining three Simpson defense lawyers, Gerald Uelman, Carl Douglas and Barry Scheck; former deputy district attorney Andrea Ordin (who wasn’t on the Simpson case), and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Wesley.


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