2 Days Not So Quick After All

Cross examine Lee,

Prosecution should be quick.

It is a long day.


The prosecutors indicated that their cross examination of defense witness, forensic scientist and blood-spatter expert Dr. Henry Lee, wouldn’t take long. But they were wrong. The same was true the next day when the Court held a hearing on whether or not Simpson’s defense team could enter Mark Fuhrman’s racist remarks taped by videographer Laura McKinny.

402 hearing.

Will the racial slurs get in?

Another long day.


Would a Cartoon Have Contaminated the Jury?

The censors miss it —

Mike Peters’ Willy cartoon.

Will it sway Twinkie?


Sheriff deputies who cut references to the trial out of the jurors’ newspapers miss a Mother Goose & Grimm comic by Mike Peters spoofing Cochran. An alternate juror the court staff calls Twinkie spots it.

Thank Goodness!

 Forest Lawn’s the scene,

No camera was present.

The press shows respect.


Unbelievably, the news media didn’t show up at the funeral of Judge Ito’s step-grandson, who died of cystic fibrosis. I think he was relieved and I was pleased.

Simpson Didn’t Act Alone? Or Maybe Not at All?

Dr. Lee cast doubt.

A second set of footprints

Trod on Ronald’s jeans?


Forensic scientist and defense witness, Henry Lee, suggested that markings on Ron Goldman’s jeans might have been made by footprints from a second attacker in the crime.

It’s Two-Fer 22 Day

Henry tells the press,

Court will be dark on Wednesday.

Ito family death.


Defense expert witness Dr. Henry Lee tells the press court will be dark the following Wednesday so Judge Ito can attend a relative’s funeral.  He’s right, except the funeral is scheduled for Thursday, not Wednesday. 

Neufeld or Blasier?

Henry Lee can’t distinguish.

“You all look alike.”


Asian Dr. Henry Lee confuses tall, large-framed, curly-haired, mustachioed defense attorney Peter Neufeld with short, slight, bald, clean-shaven defense attorney Robert Blasier — and cracks up the courtroom by saying all white men look alike.


Night Crime-Scene Visit Gets Scuttled

The trip is all planned.

Lighting becomes a problem.

No crime scene visit.


First the lawyers argued that the jurors should view the crime scene at night because that’s when the crimes were committed. So arrangements were made. The the visit was cancelled when the prosecution and defense couldn’t agree on what the lighting was like at the time of the crimes.


Tapes Fallout Continues

A conflict concern.

Was it a ploy for mistrial?

Prosecution blinked.


Marcia Clark threatened to move to recuse Ito over the issue of his wife being a subject of the Fuhrman tapes, but waited over night. Suspicion was she was testing public opinion to see if the public would be against recusal and causing a mistrial.  When she said she decided not to file the motion, Ito and I both said she blinked. No one wanted to have to start that marathon all over again. My guess is that D.A. Gil Garcetti, who was elected to his office, said no to recusing Ito because public uproar would have almost guaranteed he wouldn’t have been re-elected.