Yesterday, Today: Nobody’s Happy

My haiku from 20 years ago yesterday:

Judge Manella asked.

Two witnesses protected.

The plug briefly pulled.


Ito excluded camera coverage of the testimony of two small-time hoods, who apparently were informants, at the request of U.S. Attorney and former L.A. Superior Court Judge Nora Manella.

“The men were not in the federal witness protection program, ” I wrote in Anatomy of a Trial. “They had given interviews, had been photographed, and had appeared on TV.

“‘It was just too funny,’ I recorded in my journal. ‘There two characters were right out of central casting, with shiny silver pants and wide shoulder-padded jackets. There were just incredible. Tony “The Animal” [Fiato] in particular.’

“[Defense jury consultant Jo-Ellan] Dimitrius, who often sat next to me in the courtroom, said she thought we should all have mafia names and than mine could be Jerrianne “The Muscle” Hayslett, which I figured referred to my role as media enforcer.”

From 20 years ago today:

A simple syringe.

A simple stipulation.

Both parties draw blood.


What should have been a quick stipulation by both sides concerning the syringe used to draw a sample of Simpson’s blood deteriorated into an acrimonious squabble that angers Judge Ito so much he left the bench and courtroom so he could cool down.


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