One Final Haiku

It’s history now

Jury was unanimous.

Community split.


Something many of us who were involved with the Simpson case, both as court officials and as members of the media, had no idea about was:

(1) How profoundly the trial would affect judiciaries and public perception around the world,

(2) That the affect would reverberate for so many years, and,

(3) That 20 years later it would continue to make headlines or be the subject of newly released documentaries or the basis of a TV drama.

Wonder if will remain as alive by the 25th anniversary of the verdicts. Maybe you will find out with me.

8 responses to “One Final Haiku

  1. I checked your blog today to read your haiku and found it was the last one!
    Is there a place I can find all of them?

    Thanks – your friend – Judy Carlin

  2. They are posted individually on (or near) the 20th anniversary of the day I wrote them. Go to the blog,, and scroll down. A few non-haiku-related posts are mingled in. You can scroll past those, if you like. Posts containing haiku are easy to spot because each one leads off with a haiku. Thanks for your comment and question!

    • The Gift Shoppe

      Thanks Jeri – so interesting to know you were there – it really was a big deal – don’t know if any other trial will ever “live up” to the OJ. Probably a good thing – criminals get way too much publicity as it is! I read half of the haikus and related verbage yesterday – I needed a break from my work!! Just have to ready the first half now. Thank you – they are putting the final layer of asphalt down today. Road could open Friday or Saturday…don’t know if it will, but it could! Judy

      Judy Carlin THE GIFT SHOPPE 4805 South Packard Avenue Cudahy, WI 53110 414-747-9998

      • Thank you for your interest, Judy. What a great way to take a work break! I’ll be SO glad when Packard reopens — and I KNOW you will be!!! Hope to get in soon.

  3. I’m thinking about compiling them all in book format and publishing on Kindle. What do you think about that?

    • The Gift Shoppe

      I’m not a Kindle user so I don’t know anything about Kindle potential – but I know I could not stop reading them yesterday – it took a lot to drag me away from it.

      Judy Carlin THE GIFT SHOPPE 4805 South Packard Avenue Cudahy, WI 53110 414-747-9998

      • Ha! Thanks, Judy. Lots of folks are Kindle readers and these haiku are just right for reading in convenient little bites, instead of one long continuous novel that can sometimes be hard to follow b/c of having to keep track of characters and plot. So, I might end up publishing them there.

      • That’s awesome!! I know my Granddaughter has one and loves it!

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