So Easy to Find Fault — When You’re Not Driving

U.S. judge opines,

Ito’s losing court control.

Monday morning jock.


A federal judge delivers a speech covered by the press in which he criticizes Judge Ito’s handling of the Simpson case.

The U.S. District Court judge, Edward Rafeedie committed a gross violation of judicial ethics by criticizing another judge with an active case in progress. But, since he was a federal judge and had a life appointment, he knew he was safe in doing so. I describe this on Page 143 of my book.


Sequestered, No Matter Where

Sequestration home.

Hotel or college campus?

What is most humane?


Ironic use of the word humane, given that I — and most likely no one else — had any idea that the jurors would be sequestered for nearly nine months. Whether college campus or hotel (which it turned out to be), the sequestration had to have felt decidedly inhumane.


A Long Slow Process

Parties to the case

Probe for hidden agendas.

Lone juror answers.


Jurors are questioned, individually, one and a time. So, two months later, the jury and alternates were selected…

Press Pools for Jury Selection

Voir dire is shut down.

Jurors cannot be candid.

Press must pool itself.


When  prospective jurors feel intimidated during questioning with a courtroom full of reporters, Judge Ito restricted the proceedings to just a few reporters who had to share their observations with the rest of the press.

Fastest Book in the West to Get Published

Faye Resnick is hot.

She starts the talk show circuit.

Sequestration cinched.


Publisher Dove Books rushed Nicole Brown-friend Faye Resnick’s book, Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted, to press. It hit bookstores and news stands on the eve of jury selection and Resnick hit the TV talk shows. Speculation was that as a result, the jury would, no doubt, be sequestered.

Picking an Anonymous 12

Names by the numbers.

Anonymity the game.

Will 12 be seated?


Members of the news media were not happy to learn that the jurors names were going to be secret and that they would be identified by numbers. But ever with that, the trial judge was still concerned about finding 12 people who could and were willing to serve on the trial.

Leaked Tapes Complicate Things

911 tapes leaked.

Will that add peremptories?

The defense hopes so.


The more perspective jurors Simpson attorneys could challenge, the more likely they would get jurors who might be more likely to be favorable to their client. Turns out, they didn’t need more since the verdict was ‘not guilty.’