Veteran Courtroom News Reporter Winds Up in Cellar

AP Special Correspondent Linda Deutsch usually reports the news. On Friday, she made the news. Deutsch, whose court beat has put her in more high-profile trial courtrooms–going back to the 1970-71 Charles Manson spectacle–than just about any news reporter in U.S. history, got the attention of Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Norm Clarke when she did a BBC interview in a hotel-casino restaurant’s wine cellar.

Norm tells how that came about here:

True to Deutsch’s style, she wasn’t in Vegas to play, although she has been known to do that on occasion. No, she was on the job, covering the latest O.J. Simpson courtroom drama in which he is trying for a new trial on robbery and kidnap charges in Vegas that resulted in a conviction and a prison sentence of up to 33 years..

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