Here She Is

Ever wonder what happened to the 1995 O.J. Simpson prosecutor who lost that case, received a generous bonus from her boss, Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti, anyway, then quit her job, received a multi-million dollar advance from a publisher to tell her version of why and how she lost the Simpson case, then showed up on a TV tabloid magazine show as a legal commentator?

She’s been writing fiction.

Marcia Clark’s Killer Ambition, the third in a series of legal thrillers featuring Los Angeles Special Trials Prosecutor Rachel Knight — possibly patterned after herself? –has been released by publisher Mulholland Books.

Her book tour is including a June 18 event in Darien, Connecticut, sponsored by Women Who Launch and Over 40 Females.

The most intriguing line in the story announcing Clark’s visit is this: “Over 40 Females™ is a leading networking platform for women over 40 and combines education with pampering at every event.”

Makes me want to go. Not for whatever the pampering is. Folks who know me know that the pampering gene is missing from my DNA. But just out of curiosity.

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