Do Some Courtrooms Deserve Cameras More Than Others?

This is a thought-provoking article and makes some good points, but I don’t think  the SCOTUS and trial courts are mutually exclusive so far as courtroom-camera coverage is concerned.

America Has Cameras in All the Wrong Courtrooms

The downside of televising court proceedings, in my opinion, is the snark, ridicule and denigration that’s heaped on witnesses like Rachel Jeantel in the Zimmerman trial.

While her actual testimony might be open for discussion, the media — and worse, pundits — have largely focused on her appearance and vernacular, neither of which have much if anything to do with her testimony.

And absurdity is, some of those casting such vapid critiques apparently don’t cast a very objective eye at or ear to themselves.

2 responses to “Do Some Courtrooms Deserve Cameras More Than Others?

  1. Not surprising. Physical appearance maintains its position as the number one priority when a person takes the spotlight. For many people, it’s the first thing, if not the only thing they consider about getting to know someone. Granted, one’s physical appearance is the first characteristic others see, but it did not used to be as important as it is now.

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