Zimmerman, Simpson on Parallel Tracks?

I must say, the parallels between O.J. Simpson’s and George Zimmerman’s tracks struck me long before Zimmerman’s latest rearing up in the headlines. Privileged backgrounds (Zimmerman’s father was a military officer, then magistrate judge), wives named Nicole (Zimmerman’s wife is Shellie Nicole), elite defense teams, trials fraught with racial assertions, whether justified or not), both acquitted in highly controversial and polarizing verdicts, both brushing up against law enforcement like a horse’s tail in a fly infested stable.

Both seem to be determined to make their lives a spectator sport.

We know where that landed Simpson. It’ll be interesting to see if Zimmerman follows.

It would also be interesting to see if psychologists see similar parallels in their psychological ¬†profiles. What’s that called? Even bad publicity is good publicity as long as you spell my name right?


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